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    Enterprise architecture, referred to as EA. It refers to a universal solution provided for systematic and universal problems in enterprise information management systems. More specifically, it is based on a business oriented and driven architecture to understand, analyze, design, build, integrate, expand, operate, and manage information systems. The key to complex system integration is architecture (or system) based integration, rather than component (or component) based integration.

    Effective enterprise architecture plays a decisive role in the survival and success of enterprises, and is an indispensable means for enterprises to gain competitive advantage through IT.

    企業架構(Enterprise Architecture),簡稱EA。是指對企業事業信息管理系統中具有體系的、普遍性的問題而提供的通用解決方案,更確切的說,是基于業務導向和驅動的架構來理解、分析、設計、構建、集成、擴展、運行和管理信息系統。復雜系統集成的關鍵,是基于架構(或體系)的集成,而不是基于部件(或組件)的集成。


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